T-Shirt Pricing

Revised Starting 6/8/2017

Starting 6/08/2017, I am moving to a ‘price per size/number of screens in the design’ model. Number of colors no longer determine pricing, number of screens/passes do, and a 2 color shirt may actually (will probably) have 3 screens and 3 passes. Pricing is:

1 Color Design  Each Add’l Screen in the Design 2XL 3XL and Up
Children Classic Tees $16  +$1.50
Ladies & Mens Classic Tees $18  +$1.50  +$2  +$3
Ladies Contoured Tees $20  +$1.50  +$2  +$3
Ladies & Children Tank Tops $21  +$1.50  +$2  +$3

You can click these links to see my current one color, two color, and three color designs (colors, not screens, and not all prices have been adjusted up, so take advantage if you can :)  ).

If you see something that does not match this pricing structure, please let me know.