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October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month… I Want To Help!

Hornpipes for Hooters

The story behind this is below, but the items are now available to order, shipping late September:

Last year, maybe the year before, I don’t recall exactly, it was coming to be October and all the Breast Cancer Awareness fundraisers started. You know, the ones with the names that use alternate terms for breasts in the title. Almost immediately, I thought ‘we should do something with Hornpipes for Hooters’, but I couldn’t figure out what. That play on words grew, and I added ‘Trebles for Tatas’ and ‘Jigs for Jugs’ but I still could not think what to do.

My family has been impacted by breast cancer, and I wanted to try to not let another year slip by, so this year, I had an idea. How about I make an ‘Irish Dance Against Breast Cancer’ shirt? I could put the slogans on the shirt, sell the shirts, and give most of the profit to an organization researching cures for breast cancer. I know this might not be appropriate for some dancers, especially younger ones, but what about older dancers, and what about the moms? And while I am at it, what about male dancers and dance dads who want to help find a cure?

My thought is that I would offer classic, contour crew neck, contour v neck and concert tanks, all for $17.50. I have worked with my printer to be able to offer them at lower prices then I usually sell for. Unfortunately there would be some upsize charges at 2XL and above, that is from the tshirt supplier, not my idea. The cost does not include shipping.

$7.50 of each shirt sold will go to a breast cancer research charity. Exact charity TBD. There is little to no profit for IDTCO, this is about the charity.

Hornpipes for Hooters Classic Hornpipes for Hooters Contour Crew Hornpipes for Hooters Contour V Hornpipes for Hooters Concert Tank

The classic tee is suitable for males. All tees ‘should’ be the same color as they are from sister companies.

I can sell in bulk to an October feiseanna at reduced prices, but I want them to use any profit to support the fight against breast cancer. If they buy for giveaways, that is different.

I would like to make this a yearly event, and do a similar tshirt each year, giving profit to breast cancer research.

I have not posted product online, as I have only floated this idea by a few people, but it was generally well received. Based on feedback from this post, I expect to add product in the next few days. This will be only one or two print runs, to be delivered in the next few weeks, in time or October. Donation will be made when all sales for the product have completed, but should be by the end of October.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and when (if) this moves forward, I hope you will support the cause.

8 thoughts on “October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month… I Want To Help!

  1. Will you be doing a sweatshirt?!!
    Can’t wait to order one!!!!

    1. Not sure Jennifer. Looks like my supplier has discontinued selling (or the manufacturer has stopped making) sweatshirts in that color, so if I do, I will have to find an alternative. I will do some research. Thanks

      1. Could you do white or black with pink text?

        Also, I think you could remove the quotation marks around the phrases. Or add them to Hornpipes for Hooters, for consistency’s sake.

        I love this idea, and it’s gotten me thinking about some related ideas to do with our dancers. :)

        1. I could Amy, but that significantly increase production costs, is 3 screens, 3 print runs etc… I can consider it, but no plans right now.

          And I will check my grammar before going to final ;) thanks

          1. Oh, gotcha. It was just a thought if there aren’t pink sweatshirts, but it sounds like that probably wouldn’t work after all. Thanks again!

  2. (I meant white or black sweatshirts, not tshirts)

  3. Be careful of copyright on “Hooters”

    1. Thanks Sonja, but after my discussions with Intellectual Property attorneys after I found some of my designs being remade by another vendor, I am fairly sure that using the word hooters itself is not a copyright infringement. Especially since it is part of a larger concept, not just the word. Thanks for watching out for me. :)

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