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Inventory Reduction Sale 37.5% Off Select Items

Inventory reduction, 37.5% off the following items, no limit, no coupon needed. Price reduced automatically in cart. Sale ends Saturday, 1/6 so buy now!

Because some of these are early products, they may not have all apparel options shown, but I can get the design on what ever you want, just ask!

There are limited quantities, so if I get in an oversell situation I will contact you. Full price shown, sale price in cart.

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October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month… I Want To Help!

Hornpipes for Hooters

The story behind this is below, but the items are now available to order, shipping late September:

Last year, maybe the year before, I don’t recall exactly, it was coming to be October and all the Breast Cancer Awareness fundraisers started. You know, the ones with the names that use alternate terms for breasts in the title. Almost immediately, I thought ‘we should do something with Hornpipes for Hooters’, but I couldn’t figure out what. That play on words grew, and I added ‘Trebles for Tatas’ and ‘Jigs for Jugs’ but I still could not think what to do.

My family has been impacted by breast cancer, and I wanted to try to not let another year slip by, so this year, I had an idea. How about I make an ‘Irish Dance Against Breast Cancer’ shirt? I could put the slogans on the shirt, sell the shirts, and give most of the profit to an organization researching cures for breast cancer. I know this might not be appropriate for some dancers, especially younger ones, but what about older dancers, and what about the moms? And while I am at it, what about male dancers and dance dads who want to help find a cure?

My thought is that I would offer classic, contour crew neck, contour v neck and concert tanks, all for $17.50. I have worked with my printer to be able to offer them at lower prices then I usually sell for. Unfortunately there would be some upsize charges at 2XL and above, that is from the tshirt supplier, not my idea. The cost does not include shipping.

$7.50 of each shirt sold will go to a breast cancer research charity. Exact charity TBD. There is little to no profit for IDTCO, this is about the charity.

Hornpipes for Hooters Classic Hornpipes for Hooters Contour Crew Hornpipes for Hooters Contour V Hornpipes for Hooters Concert Tank

The classic tee is suitable for males. All tees ‘should’ be the same color as they are from sister companies.

I can sell in bulk to an October feiseanna at reduced prices, but I want them to use any profit to support the fight against breast cancer. If they buy for giveaways, that is different.

I would like to make this a yearly event, and do a similar tshirt each year, giving profit to breast cancer research.

I have not posted product online, as I have only floated this idea by a few people, but it was generally well received. Based on feedback from this post, I expect to add product in the next few days. This will be only one or two print runs, to be delivered in the next few weeks, in time or October. Donation will be made when all sales for the product have completed, but should be by the end of October.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and when (if) this moves forward, I hope you will support the cause.

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Low Inventory Closeout, Last Chance For These Items

I am trying to close out a few dsigns that I am retiring (the designs, not me). I only have a few(or less) available of each, so I am discounting them to close out that item.


Feis Dad Bank Of The Dance T-ShirtParents & Athletes of Irish DanceIrish Dance For Dummies

20% OFF each one, no limit, well unless you buy more than I have. No coupon needed, price adjusted at checkout.

Retiring items and availability are…

I will be watching, but there is a oversell potential. If that happens, I will contact you to offer a refund or maybe work something else out.

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I Do Not Dance With My Feet; I Dance With My Heart

I Do Not Dance With My Feet Irish Dance Racerback Tank

The I Do Not Dance With My Feet I Dance With My Heart line is a remake of a line from 2017 movie. The original, darker-themed line is from ‘The Dark Tower’ trailer, and although overtly negative, it spoke of being good at something basically because of passion. I understand that the line is not said in the movie like it is shown in the trailer. Either way, I think it is much better my way.

See all the items here. Shipping hopefully will start late the week of 8/14.

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Inventory Reduction Sale – 25% Off Select Items, No Limit!

That’s right, 25% off and no limit on some of the designs I have too many of. Now might be a good time to stock up on birthday or holiday presents ;) but hurry, SALE ENDS 7/17/17!

Buy as many as you want and get 25% off each of the following styles (click the names to see the items):

If you are looking for a design on a different shirt type, PLEASE ASK. Some of these are older designs that may not have all the items available on the site, but I can make them.

Shipping expected later in the week of 7/17/17.

No coupon necessary. Cannot be combined with other promotions.


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Hamilton Themed Irish Dance Apparel

I Am Not Throwing Away My Shot Icon

After the release of the Defying Gravity Irish Dancer tshirt, several people requested a Hamilton based design. Not Throwing Away My Shot was an obvious choice, and I stumbled across I Am The One Thing In Life I Can Control as I was researching the show. So, a twofer…

Ordering for the first print run ends 6/7/2017 at 5:00 PM Eastern so ORDER NOW!

Available on black items, see all the products for both designs here.

I Am The One Thing In Life I Can Control Icon

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RE-RELEASE of the ‘Nevertheless, she persisted.’ design!

Nevertheless She Persisted Ghillies Logo

After several inquiries, I have decided to do another run of the ‘Nevertheless, she persisted (ghillies)’ design.

Print run will happen in a *few weeks to give plenty of time to order. The deadline will be announced at least a week prior to closing the design. Please share this info with all your friends! Unless some truly remarkable circumstances happen, this WILL be the last opportunity to buy this design.

Go here to see the available items:

PLEASE NOTE: Items ordered with any ‘Nevertheless’ item will be shipped with the Nevertheless item after it prints in a few weeks unless other arrangements have been made.

Thanks for asking!

* Tentative print date, around the 1st week in April.