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We are updating the flow of the store and will be converting products over the next few months. The new flow should be easier to use and you will see previews of your items. If you can’t find what you need, contact me and I will be happy to help.

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Here are the first designs in the new format. Click to see the design info, then select your apparel type to finish choosing options. You will also see a preview to see what the item might look like.

Newer Designs (old format)

The NEWest offerings from the Irish Dance Tshirt Company. Go here to see ALL THE DESIGNS.

Being A Male Irish Dancer Takes Shamrocks

Looking for the shirt worn by Alex Collins at Feis Culkin 2018 and the Cliffs of Moher video? Find them here!

Irish Dance TShirts by the Irish Dance TShirt Company (formerly Feis Prints) is a collection of unique feiseanna inspired feis tshirts for Feis Moms, Feis Dads, dancers and dance siblings. Choose a category below, or click to see all my current Irish dance t-shirt designs, or view my In Stock & On Sale feis tshirt inventory.

Each Irish Dance TShirt Company tshirt is an original Irish dance or feis themed design for the Irish dancer, feis parent, or Irish dance family member, even feis husbands. Each is a play on something about feiseanna or Irish dance, and some have a slightly sarcastic spin on life in the Irish dance world.

All Irish Dance TShirt Design Categories

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Check back often as I am adding new Irish dance tshirt designs frequently. Any questions, please contact me.

And I don’t just do Irish dance tshirts, be sure to check out my blogs What The Feis, and the Feis Dad Blog out on Antonio Pacelli and keep up on all my projects by checking out the list on Feis Dad.